The Craziest Entries from Last Year’s Obstacle Course Design Competition

The Craziest Entries from Last Year’s Obstacle Course Design Competition

By TM | 7 January 2019

As we launch this year’s much anticipated Obstacle Design Competition it made sense to dig into the archives and find some of the most crazy, most imaginative and most brilliant designs from last year.

Trampolines, giant spinning wheels and 12ft face-first drops. We hope they get your creative juices flowing and push you to think outside of the box. When you know you’ve got that amazing idea nailed, simply enter it on our competition page for the chance to win a free 2019 season pass.

The Wildest Designs from the Obstacle Design Competition 2017

Zigazig Aaargh

Putting the frankly incredible Spice Girl themed name to one side for a moment, this obstacle offered both fear and challenge, asking Mudders to traverse zig-zagging bars 12 foot above water. We’re gonna take a wild guess that most Mudders wouldn’t love walking home with bruises from the mother of all belly flops though.


It’s big, it’s colourful and it looks fairly painful. Like a giant game of pinball Mudders tumble through a series of different shaped obstacles as they slide their way to freedom.

Top Heavy

A spinning, wobbly wheel balanced in water, Top Heavy will require your fellow Mudders keeping the wheel steady as you dismount onto a platform. This looks like something out of the medieval era and we’re here for it.

Catching Flies

The humble trampoline is surely the most fun invention…ever. So we were chuffed to see it included in Catching Flies, an obstacle where you will be required to jump on a trampoline to grab monkey bars. We have to admit we would love to see Mudder Nation try this one, but we have a feeling that the completion rate might be a little low.

Kong Infinity

Last year’s winner and an ingenious way to win the Obstacle Design Competition – take some great and make it even better. The craziest thing about this design? It can now be found IRL on Tough Mudder courses WORLDWIDE. Pretty crazy.


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