Real Tough Mudder Experience: a chat with Andrea Rusconi

Real Tough Mudder Experience: a chat with Andrea Rusconi

By TM | 5 May 2019

We know it. We know you have spent the last few months wondering if Tough Mudder fits for you. You have been watching and watching the obstacles videos and now questions and doubts are shocking you as the Electroshock Therapy wires do: it is gonna be hard? It is gonna be easy? It is gonna be muddy?

We answer you to the last question right now, Yes, it is gonna be muddy.  Regarding the other questions, Andrea Rusconi’s experience may help you. He is  White Donkeys OCR Team member and ex-basketball player, the mud already runs in his blood. After more than 20 races, last year he touched the mud: Tough Mudder UK, in Broughton Hall, Yorkshire. Are you curious? Andrea, tell us!

Andrea with his trainer Stefano Bianchi before the great challenge.

Your Tough Mudder experience in three words!


Which is your favourite obstacle and why?

It is ARTIC ENEMA. I think that diving up to the neck in an ice water tank is really one of the hardest challenge. However, I think that THE BLOCK NESS MONSTER is the obstacle that best represents the TOUGH MUDDER mission.

Well, Arctic Enema ice is not a joke, we know it. And which is the obstacle you found really tiring?

PYRAMID SCHEME, once you are wet and muddy it is really challenging to climb the pyramid.

In your opinion, what characterize Tough Mudder compared to the other Mud runs?

Tough Mudder has huge obstacles, they are amazing! And you cannot overcome them unless with the help of some team-mates or adventure companions. And that is one of the greatest aspect of the event. It is necessary to be very adaptable and collaborative as well as to want to have fun.

Which kind of sport people and sport enthusiasts would you recommend Tough Mudder to?

I would recommend Tough Mudder to all the sport enthusiasts that want to get involved. This is a very unique experience, both for the challenges you have to overcome during the race and for what remains once the race is over. What remains after that crazy day are laughters, effort and the satisfaction to cross the finish line together.

And after the race? Did you enjoy the Tough Mudder Village’s beers?

Yes, of course! There was everything: music, food truck, the shop, and also many time and skill challenges to test yourself. That may be a great race warm-up, but also just a funny way to try to challenge yourself.

And now? How are you training for this new all-Italian challenge?

Well, given my experience in Manchester, a significant part of my training will consist of running on trail course, dirt and mud if possible. Along with strenght, balance, agility training excercises. We are very excited!

We are expecting to see you at the event, but what do you expect from Tough Mudder Italy?

Looking at the locations chosen for the event, I think that Tough Mudder Italy will surprise us with great obstacles in terms of sizes and courses that will put us into hard trying. There is a little left and we can’t wait for!

Well, Andrea, it is obvious that we can’t wait for giving you something to sink your teeth into (Legionnaire’ s teeth this time!), and we are pretty sure you will enjoy it! Have a great workout and Stay Tough 💪


Andrea Rusconi was born in Lecco (Itay), he is 32 years old. He graduated in construction engineering/ architecture. Sport runs in his blood since always.

Basketball player since 5 years old, after a career of 25 years, from junior to C2 serie, in 2016 fascinated by the world the the Mud Run, decide to dedicate to them completely, joining the White Donkeys team since its very beginning.  His coach, Stefano Bianchi, supported him through several adventures as well as to Tough Mudder Uk.

Follow him on IG! @spartan_rusko

White Donkeys OCR Team was created on November 2017 with the merging of two teams: SHB Team (Milan) and Donkey Warriors (Mantova). Now it includes 57 members, very different people, from beginners to pro, that try to reach their goal but with humbleness, determination and sacrifices.

They achieved numerous successes both as individual, some of them invited to participate in the Italian National OCR, and as a team.

– Top ranked in the Regional OCR Championship Tuscany\Emilia Romagna

– Second place in the National OCR Championship

– Second place in the Regional OCR Championship Piedmont\Lombardy

– Second place in the Inferno Series