Obstacle Race. How to plan the supplement

Obstacle Race. How to plan the supplement

By SIS - Science In Sport | 17 June 2019

Over the past few years, more and more professional athletes are approaching Tough Mudder and, as Science in Sport’s nutritionist  Fabio Pezzoni tells us, sometimes a support from the world of supplements, of which the  athletes are aware of their benefits and advantages, could be very important.

As you well know, the Classic course consists of 16 km of race and 25 obstacles, all to be approached with high intensity, which implies a great waste of energy, in particular of carbs. Considering this, we can already imagine what we need to put in our pockets during the race.

Actually, it is not that simple to schedule the supplement strategy since we are not talking about a classic running competition, but along with running you will need  to get through several obstacles that will require strength and coordination skills such as jumps, pull-ups, climbs, etc. Now, imagine how your digestive system could feel like in this mix and how much you are making things difficult for it.

It is natural though that for a competition like this you will need supplements.


Hence, what can we introduce in order to avoid troubles to our stomach/intestine?


According to the nutritionist, the better strategy is starting with the source (muscles) full of glycogen and therefore, doing a moderate carbo-loading the day before will be surely useful.


According with the nutritionist,  it is not suggested to eat solid food since one hour before. Instead, it is better a portion of GO ENERGY, maltodextrines dissolved in half of water which will help us to keep constant glycemic levels, in addition to hydrating us. Take a sip from the bottle (or even half of it) and don’t drink it all in one breath. By doing this the liquids will pass through the stomach quickly and they will be absorbed in the intestine as quickly, so as not to weigh you down but, at the same time, you will be full of energies.

Otherwise, in the pre-race it can be take one GO ISOTONIC ENERGY GEL (also with caffeine) about 20 minutes before starting.



It is forbidden to take solid food, too much hard to be digested given the intensity and the stomach shaking activity. Instead, it is better to take every 30-40 minutes the GO ISOTONIC GEL ENERGY, prefering the ones made with caffeine in the final moments of the race for a better ‘focus’ on the final obstacles, where we will surely be tired and exhausted.


In the post-race, there is nothing better than the REGO PLUS which, with its mix of rapid-assimilation carbohydrates, milk proteins and glutamine, will help us to restore the glycogen used and to support the muscle protein synthesis.

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