6 October

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Tough Mudder is not your usual mud run: it's an experience. An escape from your everyday life. In running the Tough Mudder you will not only face your fears, but you will free yourself from your everyday life, test your strength, endurance, grit and help your team mates to do the same. Tough Mudder is a challenge where people of all ages, the sporty and the less so, challenge themselves in overcoming individual or collective tests along a trail brimming with obstacles for anywhere between 5 to 16 km. The obstacles often play on the most common of human fears, such as cold water, zappy electricity, raging fire and the worst of all... dizziness.

Luckily you get to choose the event you're best suited to:

For all of us over 16: Tough Mudder Classic with a 12 - 16 km course with 25 wicked obstacles. Tougher Mudder adds a competitive, timed twist. This first start wave of the day allows Mudders to push themselves to a new level, while still maintaining our core value of teamwork. Tough Mudder 5k: for participants aged 13 and above, a 5km course and 13 obstacles. For the little ones: by special appointment, the Mini Mudder, an obstacle course in the most sticky mud of about 1.5 km designed specifically for novice daredevils, reserved for children from 7 to 12 years (minimum height 101 cm). At the heart of the Tough Mudder is teamwork: the obstacles are structured to encourage cooperation between competitors, who must help each other to reach Tough Mudder Glory.


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Parco del Ticino, Milano - Italia
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Tough Mudder Italy Event


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